At SOCAP 14 in San Francisco, 2500 entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and community leaders from across the globe are coming together to discuss breaking new ground in social impact and Igniting Vibrant Communities.

Check out our video interview with SOCAP co-founder and executive producer, Rosa Lee Harden.

The Nature of Investing discussion was led by Katherine Collins, founder and CEO of Honeybee Capital, Shaun Paul, president and founding partner of Reinventure Capital, and Gregory Wendt, senior wealth advisor and head of west coast office for Stakeholder Capital.

“There is vast potential to create more coherent and regenerative economic activity by examining the ways in which nature creates robust and resilient ecosystems. Investments can be designed with a “whole system,” biomimicry approach that creates processes and products that support the health of the whole. This approach highlights the role that local connection and local engagement play as essential components of any healthy system.”

Accelerating Appalachia is excited to be out west this week representing innovative nature-based businesses from the east.

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This week, September 2-5, is the 7th annual flagship SOCAP conference.

SOCAP14 will unite innovators in business, tech, the sharing economy, health, philanthropy, and more to advance environmental and social causes.

Rosa Lee Harden, co-founder and executive producer of SOCAP: Social Capital Markets, talked with Dayna Reggero of Accelerating Appalachia over the winter about bringing together investors and communities to provide support to women entrepreneurs and other innovators who are solving environmental or social problems. Watch:

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