Touring Appalachia with Lush Cosmetics

We are bouncin’ back with exciting news in 2018! Lush Cosmetics North America, the globe’s most ethically sourced cosmetics company has just announced support for our new regenerative business curriculum “Building Soil and Soul”! So, we hit the road. We traveled our LUSHOUS Appalachian region from Kentucky to North Carolina and points in between with Lush Cosmetics North America to visit farmers, growers, researchers, and nature-based businesses for a #LUSHAppalachia journey. We are so honored to share the beauty and resiliency of one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet – Appalachia. We are grateful to Lush for their support for our new regenerative business curriculum “Building Soil and Soul”. And, we’re excited about the possibilities in helping them source small batches of raw goods from Appalachian growers! Stay tuned!

Photos: Dayna Reggero and Erin Bridges

Capital Institute’s Work on Regenerative Capitalism includes Accelerating Appalachia

In 2014 the Capital Institute published its Field Guide for a Regenerative Economy and featured Accelerating Appalachia as a leader in the field of nature-based business support. The Field Guide focuses on the use of story telling as a means of developing a supportive network for regenerative businesses. You can read the early story of Accelerating Appalachia, our 2013 cohort of businesses and plans for our growth.

The Capital Institute published a follow-up study to the Field Guide, Regenerative Capitalism: How Universal Principles and Patterns Will Shape Our New Economy in the spring of 2015. Accelerating Appalachia is listed on page 88.

The Guardian published a great overview of the study here.