bark house Chris McCurry’s Bark House was made utilizing natural materials from sustainable forests, processing them minimally through hand crafting, placing them in high design projects. B-corp, Cradle to Cradle certified.

botanical alliance The Appalachian Botanical Alliance is an herb grower’s cooperative that supplies high quality Western and Chinese herbs to practitioners, distributors and manufacturers.

carolina ground Jennifer Lapidus’ Carolina Ground is the only mill in SE producing organic wheat, rye and barley flours, Carolina grown and milled.

climate alive

Kurt Mann’s Climate Alive is a climate forecasting and planning tool for business and industry, governments, farmers, broadcasters,  planners, the energy industry and many more.

echoview fiber mill

Julie Jensen’s Echoview Fiber Mill is the first fiber mill built in NC in 40 years, only GOLD LEED certified mill in the US, and supports and provides living wage jobs for employees and manufacturers of natural fibers.

native touch

Native Touch is the number 1 indigenous skin care product line according to Indian Country . Laralyn Riverwind, owner of Native Touch, is a biologist, herbalist and holds a doctorate of naturopathy. Native Touch is an indigenous, woman-owned, veteran-owned proprietary natural healing products for the body and skin. Native Touch is based in Cherokee County, NC, creating jobs in Tier 1 county as part of their social enterprise.[/caption]

Bello Lea logo

BelloLea Pizza Kits are the only organic, gluten-free, low sodium make-at-home pizza kit in the country! Great for those gluten-free folks that miss pizza!

riverbend malt house

Brent and Brian’s River Bend Malt House is unique on the east coast as a processor and purveyor of barley, wheat, rye malts for brewing and distilling.

smoking j's

Joel and Tara Mowrey’s Smokin J’s Fiery Foods is the only grower of ghost peppers in US, and maker of proprietary base pepper paste sold wholesale nationally to salsa and hot sauce makers.

veterans to farmers

Veterans to Farmers is working to provide American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts with pride, education and fulfillment through a permanent source of sustainable income, community and contribution: The family farm.[/caption]