Accelerating Appalachia Growing the Regenerative Economy

Accelerating Appalachia builds sustainable regenerative agricultural systems and communities for a resilient and prosperous Appalachia.

Who We Are

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We are passionate about restoring and protecting Appalachia.

We work with farmers, growers, and small nature-based businesses providing resources and training to adopt regenerative and just business practices.

We are committed to resilient regional production and manufacturing in food, fiber and forest products.

Accelerating Appalachia was established in 2012 to create the first regenerative agricultural business accelerator program in the world.

In 2023, Accelerating Appalachia launched The Building Soil, Building Equity program, providing USDA funding and training for farmers and producers to adopt regenerative agriculture practices.

Learn More About BSBE
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Building Communities

Nature-based businesses strengthen rural communities and local economies. Our businesses support over 1,000 jobs in food, forest products, fiber and textiles, and wellness and health.

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Building Business

Nature-based businesses are a growing market. Our program graduates have leveraged $20.2 million in investments.

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Building Equity

Nature-based business are committed to equitable and diverse communities. 75% of our graduates are women-led.

Latest News

We’re on Our Way to Building a Resilient Future

Accelerating Appalachia has launched a historic, expansive project to spread climate-smart, regenerative farming across Appalachia and the Southeast.    We’re excited to announce the launch of the Building Soil, Building Equity program…

Connect with us about our 2022 Programs!

New programs for 2022! Are you a Nature-Based Business in food, beverage, textile, shelter, wellness and the outdoors looking to expand?