Current Opportunities for Farmer and Producers

Financial incentives, farmer training and networking opportunities in the Building Soil, Building Equity project.

Current Opportunities

The benefits to farmers participating in Building Soil, Building Equity (BSBE) include cash-based incentives, free training from industry leaders in regenerative agriculture, and marketing assistance for carbon-smart commodities. Further revenue is also available for long term program participation.

Farmer Training From Industry Leaders

Farmers participating in BSBE can enjoy personalized training, advice, and technical assistance provided at no cost to the farmer from The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT). Farmers will learn the latest methods and techniques for determining which regenerative practices are best for their location based on soil type and commodity produced and personalized training and guidance on implementing those practices on their farm. HBCU Kentucky State University will provide soil testing and measurements alongside a Stanford incubated startup Working Trees, whose technology simplifies carbon testing and sales. Farmers will be able to see the environmental impact of these new practices.

Cash Incentives

We know farm changes cost time and money. Our team is here to help with three types of cash incentives to reward your implementation, GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions offset, and continued participation in the BSBE program.

  • Implementation Incentive.This opportunity will help cover or offset the cost of implementing a new regenerative agriculture practice. The incentive amount available per acre depends on the practices you implement. Early adopters are also eligible for this incentive by signing up and verifying implementation.
  • GHG Incentive. The opportunity rewards Increases in organic matter and soil carbon based on the sequestration from new practice implementation. Farmers can earn funding for every ton of carbon dioxide sequestered.
  • Participation Incentive. This opportunity is a token of gratitude for working with ACAP and the BSBE project. The information shared provides valuable data to our team to further understand impact and continuous improvement solutions. For every acre enrolled with BSBE, farmers will receive an annual incentive.
  • Farmer Field Day Access Incentive. BSBE program participants will receive reimbursements for travel, lodging, and food during attendance to BSBE-sponsored and other CSAF field days.

Networking Opportunities

Farmers enrolled in BSBE will access marketing assistance from industry experts and can benefit from Accelerating Appalachia’s connections to buyers, processors, and distributors. We foster farmer inclusivity across local and regional markets to create a more resilient, robust food supply chain.

Additional Revenue

BSBE aims to create a regional carbon market with measurable environmental benefits from practice implementation and their continuation resulting in additional carbon market revenue. Carbon Harvest and Working Trees will support farmers and subsequent funding.

Approved NRCS Practices

  • 328: Conservation Crop Rotations
  • 340: Cover Crops
  • 345: Reduced Tillage
  • 386: Field Borders
  • 422: Hedgerow Plantings
  • 379: Forest Farming
  • 381: Silvopasture
  • 391: Riparian Buffers
  • 311: Alley Cropping
  • 612: Tree & Shrub est
  • 645: Habitat management
  • 528: Grazing and pastures

To learn more about farmer, producer and land benefits, click the button below and consider participating in the BSBE project. Together, Accelerating Appalachia and its participants will protect farms and ensure a legacy for future generations of farmers.

Farmer Eligibility Application