Your tax-deductible donation supports an economy that builds people, place, and prosperity. Check out the donor levels below. 

From now til’ December 31st we want to thank you, our gracious donors, by offering goods from our incredible cohort of nature-based businesses as a thank you for your donation.

This year we are featuring all Kentucky businesses for our fundraiser. Check out their incredible stories and donor levels below. We would not be who we are today without a groundswell of support from friends, family, neighbors, and supporters from across the country.

Thank you so much.

(Please note that if you need items in time for Christmas, you must donate by Friday, Dec. 15)

SWEETGRASS GRANOLA: The family dreamed up their delicious formula together in their remote Kentucky cabin. Each small batch is locally-sourced, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and only lightly sweetened with a nutrient-rich sorghum syrup.  Enjoy a taste of several snack granola packs with your donation. 

HEARTLAND CHIA: A non-GMO, Kentucky-bred chia seed, the first and only chia grown in North America. Chia is a superfood that is naturally high in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids, and linked to lowering the risk of heart disease and type-2 diabetes, as well as improving cholesterol. Add the chia from the 8oz. package to your favorite smoothie, muffins, yogurt, and more! 

BAQUABaqua is an ancient grain herbal beverage blended with organic fruit juice that was inspired by an Ancient Greek sacred elixir. Completely plant-based, and free of wheat, soy, and corn, the drink is high in antioxidants and promotes digestion, immunity, and heart and brain health. Drink from the 6-pack of baqua to replace electrolytes after a workout without the heavy sugar additives.  

RIVER HILL RANCH: Nestled in the rolling hills of Richmond, KY, River Hill Ranch is home to a one-of-a-kind, quirky and cute herd of alpacas. Enjoy an awesome trip to see the herd and learn more about these animals and their fiber from Alvina Maynard, a Kentucky Proud Homegrown by Heroes member. We are also offering a pack of soft, all-terrain, alpaca gloves.

NISHAAN SANDHU 1:1 HEALTH CONSULT: Nishaan Sandhu is a mind-body nutrition coach, holistic herbalist, and aromatherapist. Join her for two, 1.5 hour coaching sessions, where you will discuss your health goals, health history, and a few gentle lifestyle shifts such as self care routines, herbal teas, tinctures, and essential oils to fill your life with “vibrant energy, balanced moods, and radiant health.” You can meet Nishaan in person in Lexington or on Skype.

WENDELL BERRY BOOK: Beloved Kentuckian Wendell Berry is a renown thought leader, novelist, poet, environmental activist,  and farmer. He is also considered the father of sustainable agriculture by many. Receive a signed copy of one of his books with a personalized message.


$30+. Cover the costs of three meals for a business founder at our 2018 accelerator session. Receive two snack granola packs from Sweetgrass Granola.


$70+. Cover the transportation costs for a business founder to one of our sessions in Pikeville, Asheville, or Lexington. Receive a package of Heartland Chia and two snack granola packs from Sweetgrass Granola.


$150+. Cover lodging costs for two businesses during our 2018 accelerator session. Receive a tour at Riverhill Ranch and a 6-pack of Baqua.


$250+. Cover a night of housing costs for staff and trainers at the 2018 accelerator session. Receive a pair of soft, all-terrain, alpaca gloves and a 6-pack of Baqua.


$500+. Cover the printing cost for a regenerative agriculture pamphlets to be distributed to over 1,000 farmers, foresters, herbalists, and fiber growers across our region. Regenerative goes beyond sustainability by not just preserving, but also restoring the health of soil, air, and water, and sequestering carbon from our atmosphere into the soil. The booklet will be created with insight from soil expert Laura Lengnick. Receive two, 90-minute health consultations from Nishaan Sandhu (in person or by Skype); a pair of soft, all-terrain, alpaca gloves; and a package of Heartland Chia.


$1000+. Support the training creation for our 2018 accelerator session. We are bringing on diversity expert Desiree Adaway to train our businesses on equitable inclusion, and soil expert Laura Lengnick to create the first ever regenerative business curriculum. Businesses will learn to create holistic management plans to bring the regenerative approach to every facet of their business models. Not only will they restore land, air, and water, but also their communities.

Receive a signed Wendell Berry book and a personalized message from the author himself, the River Hill’s all-terrain alpaca gloves, and a package of Heartland Chia.

Your tax-deductible donation supports an economy that builds people, place, and prosperity.