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Steve Kallan, principal of KALLAN STRATEGIC PARTNERS, is an advisor helping leaders to succeed.  With over thirty-five years’ experience in non-profits, businesses and higher education, he leads initiatives in board development, strategic planning, marketing, fundraising, finance, professional development, and information systems.  He is particularly effective during periods of start-up, growth and change and has been at more »

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socap real world!

So, I’m writing from Hayes and Divisidero in the NOPA district of San Fran. Ready to plunge into SOCAP, THE MARKET AT THE INTERSECTION OF MONEY AND MEANING, THE SPACE BETWEEN GIVING AND INVESTING, WHERE PEOPLE COME TOGETHER TO PUT THEIR RESOURCES TO WORK TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”. Am in the esteemed role of Living Bridge/connector/socent leader/den mother for 100 more »

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it’s been a tough couple of months but i’m keepin on and good things are happening…

I’ve been away, my blog, for good reason. My beloved father died after several years of living with Alzheimer’s……what a bizarre and wretched disease. For his last two years, I traveled every month from my home in Asheville, NC to my family home in Midway, KY and pretty much lived there the last couple of more »

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Transformational Entrepreneurship: Where Technology Meets People n Planet

“To successfully make the transition to the new socioeconomic era of the information age, we need to learn to focus the enormous power and efficiency of capitalism on the world’s most important problems. To do so will require figuring out how to unite the scalable tools of Technology Entrepreneurship with the moral ethos of Social more »