Shaun Paul , Reinventure Capital
Shaun Paul is the Managing Director of People & Planet Consulting.

Shaun Paul is the CEO of Ejido Verde.

Shaun Paul is the Chief Executive Officer of Ejido Verde, a Mexican forestry company formed through a partnership of the Mexican pine chemicals industry and indigenous communities in Michoacan to establish 12,000 hectares of commercial plantations for pine resin extraction.  Shaun recently assumed this role in November 2015 building from his 25 years of highly entrepreneurial experience in private finance, philanthropy, and leading growth companies innovating solutions for food, forests, and water.

Prior to joining Ejido Verde, Shaun served as the Managing Director and Founding Partner of Reinventure Capital, an impact venture fund, to invest in innovative entrepreneurs scaling businesses creating solutions for social inequality, healthy living and ecosystem renewal.  Beginning in 1992, Shaun founded and led the EcoLogic Development Fund that included managing forests with indigenous communities and establishing forest plantations in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. As a founder and president of Pico Bonito Forests LLC  in Honduras, he pioneered forestry finance with carbon offsets beginning in 2004.  In addition, Shaun led the incubation of Root Capital that has lent US$903 million to small and growing businesses in Latin America and Africa.

Shaun currently serves on the boards of International Funders for Indigenous People, as well as Accelerating Appalachia for nature-based companies. He is an advisor to EcoMadera in Ecuador and serves as a research fellow at the Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University to innovate next generation impact metrics empowering entrepreneurs and investors to realize superior performance by applying Regenerative Principles and a Living Systems Framework.